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  • Renaissance Metal Chess Pieces

Renaissance Metal Chess Pieces

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Product Description

These chessmen are imported from the famous Ital Fama workshop in Florence, Italy. The size, style, detail and heavy material of this set places them among the most striking and luxurious pieces available. Standing with pride and elegance, they speak of the majesty and rich heritage of chess, as it came to fruition in the Italian Renaissance.

Bring more richness to your board game collection with our stunning Renaissance metal chessmen. This version offers even more elegance to the basic chess piece design. Each figure is carefully crafted in high quality metal, with one army featuring a golden finish and the other showcasing a sleek silver.

Each unit includes amazing detail, like the decorative patterns along the king’s trim and the queen’s robes or the individual bricks that appear along each side of the rook’s tower. Even the elegant knight wears regal barding and features a full horse shape.

Our Renaissance metal chess pieces are a great choice for collectors, enthusiasts and beginners. Use them as a dramatic display piece in your home or combine with any of our chess boards to build your own custom game set!

  • King Height: 5.5 in.
  • King Base: 1.5 in.
  • Brand: Ital Fama
  • Origin: Italy

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