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Black and Natural Lardy Classic Chess Pieces

MSRP: $74.95
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This chess set is made of Natural Boxwood which boasts an elegant design. The classic black and white colors of the pieces offer you a contrast that is beautiful to the eyes. Each chest piece is well-detailed and intricately designed. This Black and Natural Lardy classic chess set is double weighted, to prevent slipping and avoid tipping over of the pieces.

Every player should have a good set of chessmen available to play with their favorite game boards. Our black and natural Lardy chessmen are an excellent choice that will last for years when properly stored and cared for. Keep them in a dry, clean place and they will always be ready for the next match!

This eye-catching collection includes solid black and natural boxwood finishes, both sporting a luxuriously smooth shine. Each unit bears traditional elements, like the horse-headed knight, tapered bishop and crown-wearing king and queen. Order as your main game pieces or use these chessmen as a backup so you’re always ready to face the next opponent!

  • King Height: 3.75 in.
  • King Base: 1.4 in.