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Black & Brown Basic Alabaster Chess Set

MSRP: $329.95
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A stunning chess set that features an incredible gloss and an alternate set of colors. The chessmen, based in the classic shape, are extremely elegant and more graceful than the traditional chess pieces. The chess board is particularly engaging due to its gloss and frameless features. Delight yourself at the sight of this chess board while it develops into a thriving battlefield.

Heat things up as you face off with opponents using this stylish alabaster chess set! The presentation is absolutely stunning and sure to impress even the most seasoned of board game players.

The 14 inch game board includes alternating black and brown spaces that measure 1.5 inches square. The lighter brown blocks create an ethereal effect thanks to dramatic marbling that runs across the board.  There’s no frame so all the attention stays focused where it should be – right on the battlefield!

This set also includes brown and black chessmen. Each army includes an eye-catching polished finish that feels luxurious as you pick up units to make your next move!

  • King Height: 3 in.
  • King Base: 1.125 in.
  • Squares: 1.5 in.
  • Board: 14 in. x 14 in. x 0.5 in.
  • Brand: Scali
  • Origin: Italy