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Black/Natural Boxwood Exclusive Chess Pieces

MSRP: $159.95
(You save $15.99 )
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Complement your finest game boards with our Exclusive chess pieces! This classic set features traditional style in deep black and glorious boxwood. Supple leather pads allow each proud figure to glide smoothly over the square battlefield. You’ll love the triple weighted design, which feels great as you challenge your opponent with each new strategy.  Build a custom chess collection or keep these hardy chessmen on hand as a backup or display set.

Players of all skill levels should have their very own chess set. Our Exclusive chess pieces are a great way to get started. If you prefer to create something custom just for your game collection, try these durable armies. Each unit is made to high standards using strong boxwood. They will last through many, many hours of intense gameplay and still offer a look that’s worthy of display!

Expand your chess collection today with our Exclusive chess pieces! You’ll admire the smooth feel of each sturdy unit whether you’re setting them up to serve as home décor or preparing for an epic battle against a rival chess player! 



  • King Height: 4 in.
  • King Base: 1.8 in.