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Black & Red Alabaster Inlaid Chess Set

MSRP: $499.95
(You save $49.99 )
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A stunning chess and checkers set that features an incredible gloss and an alternative set of colors. Enjoy a new experience with the red and black chessmen, checkers pieces and game board squares. The frameless board sits on top of an inlaid wood chest that will provide all the safety you need to store your pieces. For the artistic and modern players, this is a perfect set that will display beautifully and impress anyone who has the chance of contemplating it.

Heat up every match with the fiery look of our handsome black and red alabaster inlaid chess set! This exciting design incorporates bold red and deep black for a look that is absolutely unstoppable. What’s even better is that this clever collection also comes with its very own storage solution!

The glossy chess board also serves as the lid for the storage chest base. The chest is decorated in warm tones with a row of diamond accents. Red and black alabaster chessmen are also included so you have everything you need to engage opponents in luxurious style!

  • King Height: 3 in.
  • King Base: 1.125 in.
  • Squares: 1.5 in.
  • Board: 13.5 in. x 13.5 in. x 2 in.
  • Brand: Scali
  • Origin: Italy