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Brass Metal Chess Pieces

MSRP: $324.95
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A sophisticated game like chess deserves to be played with pieces that are equally as sophisticated. Our brass metal chess pieces are an excellent choice for the serious player. A shimmering gold tone highlights one side of the board while the other lurks in deep, dark gunmetal grey. Felted bases allow each metal chessman to glide smoothly over your finest boards.

While wood looks lovely, metal can have very powerful effect when it comes to home décor and style. Our brass metal chessmen offer a sturdy, proud appearance that works well with many of your favorite game boards. If you want to take your favorite hobby to the next level, these are a great way to do it!

Each piece includes a flawless finish that gives it a sleek shine. The dark army appears in a cool gunmetal hue while the light army shows up in glistening gold! Every match will be a spectacular performance as metal faces metal on the checkered battlefield! Browse our selection of high quality chess boards to build a custom game set for your home, office or business. 

  • King Height: 4 in.
  • King Base: 1.5 in.