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Ebony Parthenon Chess Pieces

MSRP: $394.95
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Play comfortably with our gorgeous ebony Parthenon chess pieces. This breathtaking set is extremely versatile. Use with any novelty or classic chess board available on our site. Each figure is elegantly designed to fully showcase the delightful texture and color that players adore.

Our ebony Parthenon chess pieces are a great choice for players of all ability levels and ages. Wood is a preferred material for many reasons. It’s durable, easy to hold and can last for years when properly stored in a clean, dry place. Our Parthenon chess pieces feature gorgeous wood with supple leather pads that make them even more convenient and luxurious.

This triple weighted chess set features two distinctive finishes. One army appears in classic ebony while the other is lovingly crafted in natural boxwood. Both sides include matching unit designs that include traditional shapes with exciting detail. You’ll love the lifelike expression of the horse head knight or the graceful crown that sits atop the tall, slender queen. Our ebony chess pieces make a great main game piece set or can be used as a dependable backup!

  • King Height: 4.25 in.
  • King Base: 1.5 in.